Error "permission denied..." Using Tables in Tableau Server Database

Published: 26 Sep 2013
Last Modified Date: 01 May 2018


When you try to view data from the tables that don't start with "hist" or an underscore in the Tableau Server database, you might see the following error:

Database error 0x80004005: ERROR: permission denied for relation <table_name>;
Error while executing the query

For example, you can connect to the groups or group_users tables, but when you try to drag a measure or dimension into view, you will get an error.




  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Server database


Connect to a table that begins with an underscore (for example, _group) or with hist_ (for example, hist_groups).


The "tableau" user has access to all of the tables the start with an underscore and hist_.
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