Error "Path does not exist" After Restoring Backup and Extracts Missing

Published: 04 Aug 2014
Last Modified Date: 26 Nov 2019


After you restore a backup to the Tableau Server, some workbooks that use extracts show the following error message:

Tableau Data Engine Error 4: Invalid Command: database: Path does not exist. Unable to connect to the server <primary data engine IP>.

Extract refreshes for these workbooks may fail with the same error, or with the following error message:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Process extracts error
No extracts to refresh for Workbook: '<workbook name>'
When you check the backup file, some of the extract files are missing.

Views based on live connections work as expected.



  • Tableau Server
  • Extracts


Option 1: Restore a different backup to Tableau Server

Option 2: Republish the affected workbooks

Option 3: Download the workbook/data source without the extract, regenerate extract, republish 

  1. Append "no_extract=true" to the download URL.
    For example, if a workbook download URL is: 
    use the following URL to download the workbook without the extract:
  2. Open the workbook or data source in Tableau Desktop, regenerate the extract, and republish.


The backup file is missing some of the data extract (*.tde) files.

Additional Information

To check that the extract files (*.tde) are in the backup, change the .tsbak extension to .zip and check the dataengine folder in the archive

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