Error "'org.yaml.snakeyaml.error.YAMLException: The incoming YAML document exceeds the limit" occurs in Tableau Server 2023.3

Published: 01 Feb 2024
Last Modified Date: 02 Feb 2024


When deploying a coordination service ensemble in Tableau Server 2023.3, unexpected "org.yaml.snakeyaml.error.YAMLException: The incoming YAML document exceeds the limit" occurs



  • Tableau Server
    • 2023.3.x


As a potential workaround, follow the steps below:
  1. Lower the amount of topology and async job history that is stored in zookeeper to 5 previous topologies and jobs with the following command 
    tsm configuration set -k tsm.znode_children.max -v 5
  2. Apply the change
    tsm pending-changes apply
  3. Make a topology change to trigger a reap of the past topologies. For example, add a backgrounder process to a node
  4. Re-attempt deploying the new coordination ensemble


This issue is under investigation by the Tableau Development Team under Known Issue ID W-14943826.
An error occurred while deploying Coordination Service ensemble on nodes [node1, node2, node3]. Use 'topology cleanup-coordination-service' to remove non-production ensemble.

This job failed due to unexpected error: 'YAMLException'

org.yaml.snakeyaml.error.YAMLException: The incoming YAML document exceeds the limit: 3145728 code points.
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