Error "ORA-01861: literal does not match format string" When Using the DATE() Function With Oracle

Published: 23 Jan 2017
Last Modified Date: 24 Aug 2022


When using the DATE() function in a calculated field with an Oracle data source, the following error might occur:

ORA-01861: literal does not match format string


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Oracle


Use the DATEPARSE() function instead of the DATE() function.

For example, if the DATE() calculation is 
DATE( STR ([Year]) + "-" + STR([Month]) + "-1" )

The matching DATEPARSE() calculation would be

​DATEPARSE("yyyy-MM-dd", (STR ([Year]) + "-" + STR([Month]) + "-1" ))


This error occurs when a literal is entered with a format string, but the length of such format string is not the same as the literal. This can sometimes occur in Tableau Desktop when using the DATE() function along with an Oracle database. 
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