Error "Operation Cancelled. Unable to create extract" After 30 Minutes of Extracting a Published Data Source

Published: 25 Apr 2018
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


When creating a local extract in Tableau Desktop from a large published data source, the following error might occur after 30 minutes: 
Operation cancelled.
Unable to create


  • Tableau Cloud
  • Data Server


Try one of the below workaround options. 

Option 1

Download and replace the extract, rather than creating a new extract from the published extract. 
  1. Open the workbook in Tableau Desktop. 
  2. Right-click the published data source and select Create local copy
  3. Once downloaded, right-click the data source and select Replace Data Source
  4. Replace the published version with the downloaded version. 

Option 2

Decrease the size of the data extract. Two common ways to do this: 


There is a 30-minute timeout for queries running on the server. The ability to increase this query limit is not a feature that is currently available in Tableau Cloud. 
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