Error: "Only HTTP/HTTPS URLs are allowed for web pages" When Embedding a Local HTML File Inside a Web Object

Published: 10 Nov 2016
Last Modified Date: 12 Dec 2016


When embedding a local HTML file (file://) inside a Web Object, the following error might occur: 
"​Only HTTP/HTTPS URLs are allowed for web pages"


  • Tableau Desktop 10
  • Tableau Server 10
  • Tableau Online


Host the html files on a local webserver, and include them in the workbook using http:// or https://. 


For security purposes, Web Object functionality in Tableau 10.0 and newer versions does not allow embedding local HTML files (file://). 

Additional Information

  • All URLs used as the source of a web object must use http:// or https://
  • URLs that do not have a scheme will be interpreted as http://. 
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