Error "(50003, 71000,19002) LM_TS_OPEN_ERROR Tableau could not access Trusted Storage." When Opening Tableau on a Mac

Published: 21 Oct 2016
Last Modified Date: 09 Jan 2020


When opening Tableau Desktop on a Mac, the following error might occur:
Function flxActCommonHandleOpen returned error (50003, 71000,19002) LM_TS_OPEN_ERROR Tableau could not access Trusted Storage.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Mac OS


Option 1: Enable Execute permissions on the private/tmp folder.

  1. Close Tableau Desktop.
  2. To verify the permissions on the private/tmp folder, open Terminal and then run the following commands in order:
    cd /
    cd /private
    ls -l
    If the first column of the text displayed reads drwrwrw, the tmp folder does not have the Execute permissions that FlexNet requires to successfully activate Tableau Desktop.
  3. Ensure that the root user is enabled. For more information, see Enabling and using the root user in OS X in Apple KB.

  4. Set the private/tmp folder permissions to Execute. In Terminal, type each of the following commands in order, press Enter after each command: 
    sudo -s pwd <root_password> 
    chmod 1777 tmp
    ls -l
    The first column should now display drwxrwxrwt or drwxrwxrwx.
  5. Open Tableau Desktop and try to activate again.
For more information, see Understanding UNIX permissions and chmod from

Option 2: Correct the permissions of the Temporary (/TMP) folder as needed. 

If you also receive this error message while trying to create a file in the Temporary (/TMP) folder of the computer: 'a file operation for coretelephony tracing has failed'. Please follow the steps described in this Apple Community Post

Option 3: Upgrade the OS

If the Operating System is not up to date, please upgrade to the last OS for Sierra Mac.


Tableau needs to have permissions to write in the Temporary (/TMP) folder to resolve the issue.
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