Error "NoAuth for /tableau/tabsvc-clusterid/ports" when upgrading to Tableau Server TSM version

Published: 13 Nov 2018
Last Modified Date: 31 Jan 2020


When upgrading to a new version of Tableau Server that includes TSM, user may receive messages that the server did not start successfully, and/or the following errors may occur:

the service failed to stop properly/ failed to run async job during installer operation


NoAuth for /tableau/tabsvc-clusterid/ports


  • Tableau Server TSM installations
  • Windows environments


This issue occurs when a previous version of Tableau Server was removed using the "add/remove" programs tool without installing a new version on top of it, or after a failed partial upgrade.  

Additional Information

Tableau Server with TSM (2018.2 +) can no longer be installed using the "Add/remove program" before the newer version of the software has been upgraded.  If the TSM version of the program was removed using "Add/remove program" before the new version was installed, the "obliterate" process will need to be followed before another attempt to add the new version of the software to the computer can take place. 
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