Error "No Tableau Server user found" And "DataServiceFailure" Occur intermittently In Multiple Network Interfaces (NICs) Environment

Published: 08 Apr 2021
Last Modified Date: 14 Apr 2021


When accessing views, the following error occurs intermittently. Or, some parts of the view are not rendered correctly and completely. 
This issue occurs in multiple network interfaces (NICs) environments.
And the view would be rendered properly by pressing the "try again" button or pressing the refresh button of the web browser several times. 

No Tableau Server user found

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  • Tableau Server
  • Windows Server
  • Multiple Network Interfaces (NICs)


1. Add all node's "IP Address", "FQDN" and "hostname" to the hosts file for all nodes.
 Following example is a 3-node environment.
The hosts file can be found in "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts"

<IP Address node1> <FQDN node1> <hostname node1>
<IP Address node2> <FQDN node2> <hostname node2>
<IP Address node3> <FQDN node3> <hostname node3>

The following commands can be used to confirm the needed information.

  • ipconfig - Find the IP Address and NIC with DNS suffix.
  • net config workstation - Show the FQDN (Full Computer Name)
  • hostname - Show the hostname (Computer Name)

2. Set the NIC with the public DNS suffix to the highest priority (lowest metrics value) for all nodes. For detailed instructions see Assign metrics for each network interface.
The following command can be used to check the priority before and after the configuration.

  • netsh interface ipv4 show interface 

3. Perform a Tableau Server restart (tsm restart)


When the machine is configured with multiple network cards, Tableau Server may work inaccurately or unreliably due to network problems.
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