Error "no such table [TEMP].[#Tableau_1_Filter]" Incrementally Refreshing Extract

Published: 22 Nov 2013
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


When you try to incrementally refresh an extract published to Tableau Server, the following error might occur:

Tableau Data Engine Error: 4: no such table [TEMP].[#Tableau_1_Filter]
TableauException: Invalid set function Unable to create extract


  • Tableau Server 
  • Extract
  • Data source filter
  • Incremental refresh


Remove any extract filters added by Tableau Desktop when the data source filter was originally applied to the extract:
  1. In Tableau Desktop, open the extract or the workbook that contains the extract.
  2. Right-click the extract in the Data pane, and then select Extract Data.
  3. Remove any filters listed in the Filters (optional) section of the Extract dialog box, and then click Extract.
  4. Publish the revised extract or workbook to Tableau Server.


When data source filters are added to extracts in Tableau Desktop, the filter is automatically added to the Extract filters. This improves performance in Tableau Desktop, but the extract level filters must be removed before publishing to Tableau Server to avoid filters that Tableau Server cannot evaluate.
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