Error "no such file or directory" Running initialize tsm Command

Published: 25 Jan 2018
Last Modified Date: 03 Apr 2023


When installing Tableau Server for Linux, the initialize-tsm command fails with the error:

 "no such file or directory"

Additionally, one of the following errors can be found in the app-install.log file:
ERROR com.tableausoftware.installer.InstallerMain - Generic exception raised during installation.
java.lang.RuntimeException: ip-<IP ADDRESS>: ip-<IP ADDRESS>: Temporary failure in name resolution

main : ERROR com.tableausoftware.service.LinuxServiceManager - sudo: sorry, you must have a tty to run sudo


  • Tableau Server
  • Linux


Option 1: Temporary Failure in Name Resolution error

Work with your local IT team to ensure that the network is configured correctly and that the server hostname is able to be resolved when pinged. There may be a misconfigured DNS or DHCP server. For more information, see Serverfault: Temporary failure in name resolution at StackOverflow.

Option 2: Sorry, you must have a tty to run sudo error

To disable requiretty globally:

  1. Replace Defaults requiretty by Defaults !requiretty in your /etc/sudoers. This will impact your global sudo configuration.
  2. Disable tty and run the sudo ./initialize-tsm --accepteula again.


Depending on the error message in the logs, either there is an issue with your local network configuration, or tty was required.
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