Error "NO_POOLED_AGENTS_ASSIGNED" When Refreshing 'Other Databases (ODBC)' Data Sources Using Tableau Bridge

Published: 28 Dec 2023
Last Modified Date: 28 Dec 2023


When refreshing an extract that uses the 'Other Databases (ODBC)' connector, the following error may occur:

Bridge live queries and extract refreshes can’t run because at least one client needs to be in the pool to keep data fresh.




  • Tableau Bridge
  • Tableau Cloud
  • Other Databases (ODBC) using DSN


Use one of the below options to address the issue.

Option 1: Add the Server Address to the Data Source Connection Information and the Private Network Allowlist

  1. In Tableau Cloud, navigate to the affected data source and select the Connections tab. 
  2. Select the checkbox for the connection > Actions > Edit Connection.
  3. Under Server name, enter the server name used to configure the DSN, and then click Save
  4. Go to the Settings page and select the Bridge tab.
  5. Under Private Network Allowlist, select Add New Domain, and enter the server address from step 3. 
  6. Select the appropriate pool then select Save.

Option 2: Assign Bridge Client(s) to the Default Pool

  1. In Tableau Cloud, go to the Settings page and select the Bridge tab. 
  2. Under Pooling, expand the named pool(s) to display their assigned Bridge clients. 
  3. Select the Edit (pencil icon) next to each Bridge client and from the Pool drop down, select Default and Save.  
  4. Delete any domains contained in the Private Network Allowlist.
Important: When using the Default Pool as a workaround, unless you have additional Bridge clients assigned to designated pools, you must delete all domains listed in the Private Network Allowlist domain registry for all Bridge refresh jobs to use the Default Pool.


The Private Network Allowlist requires the database server name to be configured in the data source connection information.
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