Error "NO_POOLED_AGENTS_ASSIGNED" Refreshing Pooled Bridge Flat-File Data Sources

Published: 10 Jan 2022
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


When attempting to refresh a flat-file data source using a new bridge pool, the following error occurs:



  • Tableau Bridge
  • Tableau Cloud 
  • Flat-file data source


Use one of the below options to address the issue.

Option 1

Important: This option is only applicable for flat-file bridge pooling beta customers. Once non-legacy bridge for flat-file is deployed - scheduled for an upcoming release this will apply to all Tableau Cloud customers.

Using the network file share path root folder, add an entry to the private network allowlist in the bridge settings.  
The allowlist is looking for the first folder of the fileshare. For example, if the file share path is: \\z-accounting\AR-Accounting\Datashares\MyExcelfile.xlsx, the allow list is looking for the value "z-accounting".

To populate the Private Network Allowlist:
  1. Go to the Tableau Cloud Settings page and select the Bridge tab.
  2. Under Private Network Allowlist, select Add New Domain, and populate the first folder in the path. 
  3. Select the appropriate pool then select Save.

Option 2

Use legacy schedules to keep the flat file data source(s) fresh, see Add a new or update an existing Bridge (legacy) schedule.


The allowlist registry requires the network file share root folder for each flat-file data source connection.

Additional Information

If you do not know the network file share path for your data source, follow these steps to download the data source from Tableau Cloud to Tableau Desktop and find the path. This will only work if you have access to the location of the flat file in your company environment. Otherwise, contact the data source owner for assistance.
  1. Navigate to the data source in Tableau Cloud and choose to download it.
  2. Double click the .tdsx file to open it in Tableau Desktop.
  3. From the data menu, at the bottom hover over the data source and choose edit date source.
  4. From the data menu, at the bottom hover over the data source and this time choose edit connection.
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