Error “No license found for 'TableauServer'”

Published: 26 Feb 2013
Last Modified Date: 20 Jul 2023


When you try to activate a Tableau Server license key on early versions of Tableau Server such as 2018.1 and earlier, the following error might occur:

No license found for 'TableauServer'

In addition, no keys appear on the Manage Product Keys page.


  • Tableau Server 2018.1.x and earlier
  • Tabadmin (pre-TSM)


Option 1

Set exceptions in the local firewall for the following processes:
  • tableau.exe
  • lmgrd.exe

Option 2

  1. Disable the local firewall on the computer.
  2. Disable the anti-virus. If you are unable to disable, then exclude the Tableau folder from the anti-virus.
  3. Open C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts and delete or comment out any lines that contain:, or the host name of the computer.
  4. Restart the FlexNet Licensing and Tableau Server License Manager (tablicsrv) services. For more information, see Restart a Service on Microsoft TechNet.
  5. Confirm that the Secondary Logon service is started and will continue to start automatically on startup:
    1. Follow the steps in Verify Tableau Service Settings.
    2. Right-click the service name, and then select Start.
    3. Right-click the service name, and then select Properties. Set Startup type to Automatic.
  6. Try connecting to Tableau Server again.
  7. Re-enable the local firewall.



      The local tablicsrv service cannot connect to Tableau Server FlexNet Licensing service.

      Additional Information

      If the above solutions didn't resolve the issue, try the following troubleshooting options:

      • Check whether a firewall is blocking network traffic to the licensing server. Anti-Virus such as McAfee commonly enables its own firewall.
      • Check that Port 27000 is available.
      • Check that system date and time are correct.
      • Make sure to run Manage Product Keys as administrator.
      • If you are connected to a VPN, disable the VPN before activating the license key. The VPN can be enabled after you activate the license.
      • Both services should be set to run as System Account.
      • Although the error message appears during activation, a record in trusted storage is created. After services are restarted, a key appears on the Manage Product Keys page automatically.

      If none of the above solutions or troubleshooting steps resolve the issue, contact Tableau Technical Support and provide the following information:

      Related error messages that you might see in log files include:

      MessageLog fileMeaning
      lc_checkout return value: -95 (internal code)tabsrvlic.log or wgserver_lic.logtablicsrv cannot connect to FLEXnet.
      Vendor daemon can't talk to lmgrd (License server machine is down or not responding. (-96,491)tablicsrv.logtablicsrv cannot connect to FLEXnet.
      -97 (internal code)tabsrvlic.logtablicsrv cannot be started (check Log On As settings in Services)

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