Error "No data is available for the selected set of dimensions and measures" or "Tableau failed to create an extract..." Connecting to Google Analytics

Published: 30 Sep 2013
Last Modified Date: 27 Dec 2016


When connecting to Google Analytics, one of the following errors might occur:
No data is available for the selected set of dimensions and measures
Unable to create extract


"Tableau failed to create an extract for the "Google Analytics (<data source name>)" data source. Toggle between the Data Source tab and the sheet tab to create the required extract".


  • Tableau Desktop 
  • Google Analytics (GA)


Ensure that the account used to connect to Google Analytics has access to the desired combination of dimensions and measures.


The Google Analytics data source does not contain data for the specific combination of dimensions and measures, which can vary from one Google Analytics instance to another.

Additional Information

  • The GA Query Explorer can be used to verify if the account contains data for the specific combination of Dimensions and Metrics. If no results are returned via the Query Explorer, Tableau Desktop will be unable to create an extract. For more information, see Query Explorer in Google Analytics Tools.
  • The Google Analytics Web Portal may permit different combinations of dimensions and measures than the Google Analytics API (which Tableau uses to connect to Google Analytics.) 
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