Unable to Connect to Published Data Sources When Opening a Workbook Downloaded from Tableau Server

Published: 15 Apr 2015
Last Modified Date: 05 Sep 2017


When you try to open a downloaded workbook that contains published data sources, the workbook might be unable to connect to the data sources, and the following error might occur:
This workbook contains a Data Source that is dependent on a different Tableau Server. Multiple Tableau Server connections are not supported
Alternatively, you might receive a prompt to log in to Tableau Server, where the server name field defaults to http://localhost and is unavailable for edit.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Server


Ensure that is set correctly with the URL used to connect to Tableau Server as the FQDN. For more information, see Configure a reverse proxy server.

Note: This step may be necessary even without a proxy in use, if the address used to connect to Tableau Server is not the hostname of the computer running Tableau Server.


This error message occurs when Tableau Server is not configured to recognize all of the alias host names used to connect to the server.
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