Error "Multiple entries for column [COLUMN_NAME]" after Changing SAS File Structure

Published: 03 Oct 2016
Last Modified Date: 15 Feb 2017


After connecting to a SAS file, changes to the metadata of that file will result in an error:

InsertData: Multiple entries for column [COLUMN_NAME]

New connections to the same file in the same workbook are also affected.


  • Tableau Desktop 9.3.0-9.3.9, 10.0.0-10.0.3, 10.1.0-10.1.1
  • SAS file


Option 1:

Upgrade to Tableau Desktop 9.3.11, 10.0.5, 10.1.3 or a newer version. For more information, see Upgrade Tableau Desktop

Option 2:

If you are unable to upgrade, or if the error does not resolve after upgrading,
  1. Rename the SAS file
  2. Re-connect to the file 
  3. Replace the old data source with the new file using Data > Replace Data Source. 


This behavior is related to a known issue, ID 574013, which has been resolved in a later version.
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