Error "Microsoft JET database error 0x80040E23: Record is deleted." When Refreshing Extract

Published: 29 May 2014
Last Modified Date: 21 Jun 2018


When refreshing an extract, the following error might occur:

Microsoft JET database error 0x80040E23: Record is deleted.
Unable to create extract


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Microsoft Access


Proper table structure and recordset creation is all that is usually needed. Where this is not possible, there are a few alternatives: 
  • Option 1: Use SQL statements to do the updating and deleting and use read-only snapshot type recordsets to view the data. Refresh the recordset as needed. 
  • Option 2: Refresh the recordset after every edit or addnew or execute operation that affects the data in the recordset. The Jet engine will rebuild the keyset with the updated information. 
  • Option 3: Remove triggers, functions, and so forth from the ODBC table and perform those actions manually. 


The "Record is Deleted" error (error 3167) is a byproduct of the Jet engine's keyset cursor for the dynaset type recordset. More information can be found in Microsoft support article.
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