Error "Metadata for entity and role SPSSODescriptor wasn't found" When Trying to Authenticate with SAM

Published: 26 Jan 2015
Last Modified Date: 23 Mar 2018


When navigating to Tableau Server configured for SAML authentication, the following error is returned by the identity provider (IdP):

HTTP Status 500: Metadata for entity and role SPSSODescriptor wasn't found


  • Tableau Server
  • SAML


  1. Open the SAML certificate file and remove any details preceding the -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- line
  2. Save as a new certificate with a .crt extension
  3. In Tableau Server configuration, change the SAML certificate file to point to the newly saved certificate (.crt)
  4. Export Metadata File
  5. Re-import the newly exported Metadata File with your IdP
  6. Stop Tableau Server if it is running, save the configuration, and restart Tableau Server


The additional details in the certificate are causing the IdP to fail to match the SP assertion from Tableau Server. This usually occurs when a certificate is extracted from a PFX file.
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