Error "Maximum Activations reached" Activiating Tableau Desktop with ATR enabled

Published: 21 Aug 2018
Last Modified Date: 28 Mar 2019


When activating Tableau Desktop with ATR enabled, the following error occurs: 

Maximum Activations reached


Tableau Desktop 10.5 and newer versions


Confirm ATR settings to make sure the key is set for a release appropriate to the amount of time the virtual machines are running.  the minimum is 43200 (12 hours). Typically the maximum activation will occur with the Virtual Desktop or ATR install flag, ATRREQUESTEDDURATIONSECONDS is set too high. For more information, see Configure Virtual Desktop Support.
  1. Make sure that your computer is allowing access to our licensing servers, including the ATR licensing server: Note: The countdown to release the lease does not start when Tableau Desktop is activated, but after the last time Tableau Desktop is used and closed.  For example, with the release set to the minimum 12 hours, if the key is originally activated at 10am, but you use Tableau Desktop for 2 hours and close the program at 12pm. The license lease would not release at 10pm, but rather at 12am.
  2. If the ATR service appears to be set up correctly, open a ticket with Tableau Technical Support and include a set of clean Tableau Desktop logs and the license data as noted for both Tableau Desktop and the Virtual Desktop option. 


The Virtual Desktop lease duration time is set too high, and does not return the activation for the next use.
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