Error: "log level must be in 0..9" After Failing to Upgrade or Restore the Backup of Tableau Server

Published: 03 Nov 2016
Last Modified Date: 05 Dec 2017


Attempting to perform an upgrade of Tableau Server, or attempting to carry out a clean reinstall and restoring a backup (without the --no-config option) fails with the following error in tabadmin.log: 

Unable to init component Components::Vizportal (6 of 16): MultiCommand::ReportableError: Command 'E:/Program Files/Tableau/Tableau Server/10.0/bin/tabmigrate.exe db:migrate WG_SERVICE=tabsvc RAILS_ENV=production' failed with code 1, result was (in E:/Program Files/Tableau/Tableau Server/10.0/bin)

rake aborted!

Log level must be in 0..9

Additionally, the following error may occur after performing an upgrade: 

Tableau Server Initialization Failed


Tableau Server


Option 1

If restoring a backup to a new environment, reset logging levels to their default settings in the original environment and then create a new backup file to be restored

​Option 2

Perform a clean installation of Tableau Server (uninstall and reinstall), restore the backup with the "--no-config" option and manually set authentication and security customizations afterwards


Tableau Server configuration contains an invalid logging level which prevents the  migration or the upgrade.

For example, tabsvc.yml may indicate that logging level for vizportal (or another process) is set to "default" or perhaps a typo was made ("degug" instead of "debug").
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