Error "Local folder '<name>' Discarded due to conflicts with remote folders" After Refreshing JSON Data Source With Renamed Folders

Published: 21 Oct 2019
Last Modified Date: 07 Dec 2021


Using a JSON data connection on a Mac, an error occurs when reopening a file with renamed folders and new folders with fields in them.
"Warning: Local folder 'Unused' discarded due to conflicts with remote folders"

The error refers to which ever folder was last renamed. The changed folder has been changed back to its original name. The issue also happens when creating a new folder in the Data pane and placing an existing dimension or measure in it: the new folder disappears when the saved workbook is reopened and the exiting dimensions and/or measures are back in their place in the data pane.


  • Tableau Desktop 10.5 - 2019.3
  • JSON


If a user renames a folder when using a JSON data source, or moves fields from one folder to another, or creates new folders, and then refreshes the data source, the folders from the JSON data source then supplant the user's changes and potentially causes warnings to occur that are worded poorly for the particular condition. Currently the resolution would be to not rename folders that are in use by JSON data sources.

Possible workaround

Detect if a JSON data source is being used during refresh and have the currently-defined folders override the folders discovered during the refresh when there is a conflict. Maybe by asking the data source, "DoesDatasourceImplementFolderHierarchy" or similar. In this way users will ahead of any renaming and moving actions what might happen.


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