Error “Tableau has detected that the license on your system has changed” Starting Tableau Desktop in a Virtual Environment

Published: 14 May 2013
Last Modified Date: 04 Apr 2020


After adding a new license key to Tableau Desktop, the following message might occur:

"License Has Changed
Tableau has detected that the license on your system has changed. You must restart Tableau for the license changes to take effect."

The error may occur when starting Tableau Desktop in a non-persistent virtual environment.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Multiple Citrix servers or other virtual environment


When not using the Tableau Virtual Desktop support, make sure that all servers have been activated with the same license. Complete the registration form presented when launching Tableau Desktop.

If Virtual Desktop support is being implemented, see the section on "
Additional configuration for virtual deployments" in the LBLM Online Help to identify a special install flag.


One of the below scenarios of mismatched license keys is preventing Tableau Desktop from starting.
  • The license cached in the registry of the users’ computers do not match the license on the server being accessed. 
  • Multiple servers with different instances of Tableau Desktop activate the Desktop product with different registry keys.
  • The updated license key requires registration to be completed.
  • LBLM and Virtual Desktop for non-persistent deployments are installed but the virtual install flags have not been set.

Additional Information

Note: If using Login-based License Management and seeing this error message, make sure to read Login-based License Management --> Additional configuration for virtual deployments under Step 2.

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