Error "Level of Detail Calculations (supported in version 2020.1.1 and later)" When Opening Flows With LOD calculations

Published: 02 Mar 2020
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


After upgrading Tableau Prep Builder to 2020.1.3, flows that have LOD calculations fail to open with the following error:

"This flow was created in a newer version of Tableau Prep Builder and includes functionality that isn't supported in this version.
To open the flow, either upgrade to the latest version or open the flow in Tableau Prep Builder 2020.1.1 and disable the following functionality:
* Level of Detail Calculations (supported in version 2020.1.1 and later)"


  • Tableau Prep Builder 2020.1.3 and newer versions


Option 1
Manually migrate the affected flows from older versions to the versions that officially supports the feature.
To migrate the flows that have LOD calculations to a version that supports the feature, please follow the steps below:
  1. Open the affected flow in Prep Builder 2020.1.2 or older version.
  2. Remove the LOD calculations.
  3. Save the flow.
  4. Reopen the same flow in Prep Builder 2020.1.3 or newer versions.
  5. Add the necessary LOD calculations.
  6. Save the flow.

Option 2
Recreate the flows from scratch in the supported version.


Tableau officially launched LOD calculations with Prep Builder 2020.1.3, so this feature is supported from 2020.1.3 and newer versions.  Tableau development team is currently working on improving the error message to state the correct version: "Level of Detail Calculations (supported in version 2020.1.3 and later)".

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