Error "javax.mail.MessagingException: [EOF]" Sending Subscriptions

Published: 02 May 2014
Last Modified Date: 22 Jul 2016


After you upgrade Tableau Server, some subscriptions are working correctly while others are not getting sent. The following error appears in the background tasks view for the subscriptions that do not send:
Subscription Notifications
<Workbook name> [EOF]
Some subscriptions were not sent successfully

In addition, the follow errors might appear in the backgrounder log files:
ERROR com.tableausoftware.model.workgroup.service.subscriptions.SubscriptionRunner - Error sending email. Details: javax.mail.MessagingException: [EOF]

ERROR com.tableausoftware.model.workgroup.service.subscriptions.SubscriptionRunner - Could not send email subscription. javax.mail.MessagingException: [EOF]


Tableau Server 8.1 and later versions


One or more of the following troubleshooting steps might help you resolve the issue:
  • Confirm that the TLS and SMTP port numbers are accurate.
  • Confirm that the port and TLS settings configured for subscriptions for Tableau Server match those of the SMTP provider.
  • Confirm that the syntax for the setting svcmonitor.notification.smtp.target_addresses is correct. For example, delimit multiple addresses with a comma, not a semicolon.
  • Clear the Enable TLS check box in the Tableau Server Configuration dialog box.


Ports and protocols for Tableau Server and the SMTP provider do not match.

Additional Information

  • After upgrading Tableau Server, the SMTP cloud provider might have grandfathered old settings.
  • The SMTP provider might need to match their settings to the settings in Tableau Server.
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