Error: "[iODBC][Driver Manager]dlopen(ODBC Drivers, 6): image not found" When Connecting to Amazon Redshift

Published: 13 Dec 2016
Last Modified Date: 11 Sep 2020


When attempting to connect to Tableau Desktop to Amazon Redshift, the following error message might occur: 
[iODBC][Driver Manager]dlopen(ODBC Drivers, 6): image not found
[iODBC][Driver Manager]Specified driver could not be loaded"  occur.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Amazon RedShift


Option 1

Download and install the ODBC Administrator tool from or and follow the steps below:
  1. Open ODBC Manager
  2. Go to the Drivers tab and select Add
  3. For Description type "Amazon Redshift" 
  4. For Driver File, navigate to the driver location on your machine.
    • The file will be named libamazonredshiftodbc.dylib and the path name is /opt/amazon/redshift/lib/universal by default.
  5. Set "Define as" to User
  6. Click OK
  7. Open Tableau Desktop and the connection to Amazon Redshift should succeed.

Option 2 

Edit the two following files using a text editor: "odbc.ini" and "odbcinst.ini" for Amazon Redshift. The default location for these files is /opt/amazon/redshift/lib/universal, however, the /universal folder is often missing when this error occurs. 
  1. "odbc.ini"
    1. Open "odbc.ini" from /Library/ODBC/
    2. Open "odbc.ini" from Home directory (users/
    3. Copy all the content of  odbc.ini from Home directory > users/ and paste it under [ODBC Data Sources] in odbc.ini in Library/ODB
    4. Save it.
  2. "odbcinst.ini"
    1. Open "odbcinst.ini" from /Library/ODBC/odbcinst.ini
    2. Open "odbcinst.ini" from  Home directory (users/ )
    3. Copy the content of [Amazon Redshift] from "odbcinst.ini" located in Home directory (users/ and paste it in odbcinst.ini from Library/ODBC
    4. In odbcinst.ini from Library/ODBC, delete the old [redshift] and leave only the new [Amazon Redshift] pasted on the step aforementioned
    5. Save it.
  3. Open Tableau Desktop and the connection to Amazon Redshift should succeed.
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