Error "...invalid rows in the file" Importing Custom Geocoding

Published: 03 May 2013
Last Modified Date: 17 Oct 2022


When you try to import a .csv file with custom geocoding, the following error might occur:

Ignored <number> invalid rows in the file <filename>.csv


Tableau Desktop


Correct the format of the custom geocoding .csv file. For example:
  • When importing latitude and longitude values in Tableau Desktop, the entire value must be in one cell instead of split into two cells. For example, instead of -11 and 929 in separate cells, include one cell with the value -11.929.
  • Verify that the geocoding columns do not contain blank cells.
  • Eliminate duplicate geocoding values.
For examples of custom geocoding formatting, see Creating an Import File in Tableau Help.

Incorrect Formatting:

Incorrectly formatted custom geocoding file

Correct Formatting:

Correctly formatted custom geocoding file



The custom geocoding .csv file is not formatted correctly.
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