Error "Invalid Filter Predicate" with Aggregate Discrete Measure Filter

Published: 18 Feb 2017
Last Modified Date: 22 Feb 2017


When including a lot of members in an aggregate discrete measure filter, the query gets large very quickly and the following error occurs: 
Invalid filter predicate



  • Tableau Desktop 10.1
  • MySQL


Use one of the following options:
  • If only a few members are not included in the filter, use an 'Exclude' filter instead. 
  • If the Exclude filter returns the same error, use a table calculation filter. For example: a MIN([Order Date]) filter can be replaced with a LOOKUP(MIN([Order Date]),0) filter.
  • Filter using a FIXED expression. It will need to be fixed on the dimensions that are present in the view. For example, if [Order Id] is on rows, we could use {FIXED [Order ID]: MIN([Order Date])}. This filter is treated as a dimension and sends a different kind of query than the aggregate discrete measure filter.
Note: Filtering using FIXED expressions may produce unexpected results. See Tableau's Order of Operations for more information.


The query for an aggregate discrete measure filter contains a list of included members within the query. When this list is very long, the above error can occur.
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