Error "Invalid database name value" when connecting Desktop 2021.1 to a spatial file and the file path contains non-ASCII characters

Published: 08 Apr 2021
Last Modified Date: 25 May 2021


Unable to open spatial file using Tableau Desktop 2021.1​ if the file path contains non-ASCII characters.

An error occurred while communicating with the data source
Unable to connect to the server. Check that the server is running and that you have access privileges to the requested database.
Error Code: 61922F37
Invalid database name value
The table "[TableauTemp].[N03-19_13_190101.shp]" does not exist.


  • Tableau Desktop 2021.1.0 - 2021.1.1
  • Spatial File


Upgrade to Tableau Desktop 2021.1.2 and later.


This issue was caused by ISSUE ID 1251733 that is fixed in Tableau Desktop 2021.1.2.
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