Error "Invalid authentication tokens. Login again and retry" Intermittently Occurs When Refreshing Quickbook Extract in Tableau Cloud

Published: 06 Mar 2020
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


When scheduled extract refresh runs for Quickbooks Online data source, the following error occurs:

Intuit API Authentication error. Invalid authentication tokens. Login and retry.


  • Tableau Cloud
  • QuickBooks Online


As a workaround, delete and recreate the Quickbooks Online credentials 
  1. From Tableau Cloud, go to your Account Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Saved Credentials for Data Sources.
  3. Delete the account added under Intuit QuickBooks Online.
  4. Re-add the account under Intuit QuickBooks Online.
  5. Make sure the data source is still pointed to this account for embedded credentials.
See Manage Saved Credentials for Data Connections for more details on the above steps. 

Note: These steps will need to be completed each time the error occurs. 


There was a change in how Quickbooks Online handles token refresh requests causing the current design to fail. Future work to redesign our keychain service to address this is investigated by the development team.

Additional Information

The status of this issue can be tracked using Issue ID 1068267 on the Known Issues page.
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