Error: "Identity store configuration error. Check that the configuration is valid." when Configuring Initial Node Settings

Published: 03 Nov 2021
Last Modified Date: 02 Aug 2022


When performing a new installation of Tableau Server an error in the TSM Web UI will occur:

     "Identity store configuration error. Check that the configuration is valid."  

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  • Tableau Server 2021.2 and above


Option 1

Temporarily check the box to allow for unencrypted communications with Active Directory.

Option 2

Investigate and resolve the failed connection.  For Windows review the information in the Tableau Server Help. For Linux, review the information provided here.


Tableau Server requires a secure (encrypted) communication channel to Active Directory.

Additional Information

We do not recommend allowing unencrypted communications with Active Directory, as this configuration is vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks. Should you need to temporarily allow unencrypted communication with Active Directory, you can re-enable enforcement of encrypted communication later by running the tsm command, wgserver.domain.allow_insecure_connection , or by logging into TSM UI and toggling the setting under User Identity & Access > Identity Store.
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