Error "HTTP bad request" When Publishing Extract to Tableau Cloud

Published: 13 Jul 2022
Last Modified Date: 14 Jul 2022


When publishing an extract from Tableau Desktop to Tableau Cloud, the following error may occur:

Error Code: 0505B44A
HTTP bad request

Additionally, "Site storage quota exceeded" may be found in the Tableau Desktop logs.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Cloud


To resolve this issue, free up storage for your Tableau Cloud site by deleting unused content.

You can monitor your site’s storage capacity and check which workbooks, data sources, and flows take up the most space on your site using the “Stats for Space Usage” admin view. Select Site Status > Stats for Space Usage. For more information, see Admin views.

You can also use the "Stale Content" admin view to identify, tag, archive or delete stale content on your Tableau Cloud site. For more information, see Stale Content.


The Tableau Cloud site has reached the storage quota.
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