Error "Gateway Timeout" or "ERR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED" and Redirect to [::1] URL using OAuth

Published: 29 Nov 2017
Last Modified Date: 29 Jan 2019


When authenticating to a data source that uses OAuth authorization, the browser window shows [::1] as the URL and errors similar to the following are displayed:

Gateway Timeout The requested URL couldn't be resolved


  • Tableau Desktop
  • OAuth


Work with your local IT to try one of the following solutions. 

Option 1: if Proxy Server is enabled in Local Area (LAN) Settings of Internet Options:
Enable "Bypass proxy server for local addresses" and then click in Advanced and add [::1] as an Exceptions. 

Option 2: or "Automatically detect settings or "Use automatic configuration script" is enabled in Local Area (LAN) Settings of Internet Options:
Speak with the local IT team to bypass [::1] addresses in the local proxy.

Option 3: Confirm with IT that the IPV6 local address [::1] is not blocked in the corporate network. 

If the above solutions do not resolve the issue, consider engaging Google support for further troubleshooting.



Google's security protocols require using the default browser for authentication.
Tableau Desktop attempts to access the IPv6 localhost in the browser, unless the proxy serer is configured to bypass the IPv6 localhost.

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