Error "Flow run id <ID> was invalid or status was not found." Running Flow in Tableau Cloud

Published: 05 Oct 2022
Last Modified Date: 15 Nov 2022


Beginning in September of 2022, some Prep flows published to Tableau Cloud started intermittently failing with the error message "Flow run id <ID> was invalid or status was not found."

On the Jobs page, hovering over a failed job will show an error similar to: "This job failed on Sep 15 2022, 7:28 PM after running for 20.3 min because of: Flow run ID: {xxxxxxx} failed on output step: {xxxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxx}. The output step failure message: com.tableausoftware.server.status.reporting.TableauRuntimeException: Flow run id xxxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxx was invalid or status was not found.


  • Tableau Cloud 2022.2


As a possible workaround, use the Prep Builder Command-Line Utility to script running the flow jobs. See Refresh flow output files from the command line for more information.

Note: This does require that the user authenticating via the script have their authentication type set to Tableau, as it does not support Tableau with MFA, or SSO.


This behavior is related to a Known Issue with ID 1458807.
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