Error "Flow Failed ... unable to grow file partition" Running Flow With an Aggregation Step

Published: 23 Apr 2018
Last Modified Date: 31 Jan 2020


When you try to run a flow with a .hyper output and containing an aggregation step, the following error occurs: 
Flow Failed
The flow can't run because there are errors in the flow. Fix the errors and then try again. 
System error: System error: java.lang.RuntimeException:com.tableau.loom.exceptions.InputNodeFailureException: Unable to run input node: Async operation failed for request with error code 4 and message: Failure evaluating to database: ERROR: unable to grow file partition from <number> to <number> bytes:


Tableau Prep 2018.1.1 


Change your temp file location to a drive with more space. 
  • For Windows, see Change location of TEMP files folder to another drive at Microsoft Community and follow the steps for TEMP and TMP. 
  • For Mac, open Terminal and enter the following command: 
    export TMPDIR=<desired path for new temp directory>
  • For both Windows and Mac, launch Tableau Prep from the command prompt/Terminal window.


In order to properly calculate aggregations, Tableau Prep may require disk space multiple times larger than the size of the original data source. 
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