Error "FlexNet Activation API handle is invalid" When Installing or Activating

Published: 27 Jun 2016
Last Modified Date: 20 Jun 2017


When installing Tableau Desktop, the following error might occur:

FlexNet Activation API handle is invalid. Function flxActCommonHandleOpen returned error (50003, 71000, 10103) LM_TS_OPEN_ERROR

Additionally, when attempting to repair trusted storage, as mentioned in Troubleshoot Tableau Desktop Installation and Error "...50003,71000,10103 LM_TS_OPEN_ERROR", the following error might occur:

"Anchor service is too old. Installing anchor service. Please retry command.
ERROR: flxActCommonHandleOpen - (50003,71000,10103)"


  • Tableau Desktop 10.0
  • Tableau Desktop 10.0 beta version


Tableau Desktop 10.0 uses a newer version of FlexNet than previous beta releases of Tableau Desktop 10.

Additional Information

It is not necessary to uninstall non-beta versions of Tableau Desktop, such as Tableau Desktop 9.3.
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