"Error finding the wg group with name local\All Users" Occurs When Running Content Migration Tool To Migrate Contents From Tableau Server To Tableau Cloud

Published: 10 Apr 2022
Last Modified Date: 08 Jun 2022


The following error occurs when running the Content Migration Tool to migrate contents from Tableau Server to Tableau Cloud.

[ERR]: One or more errors occurred copy project permissions for migration. Stopping migration
   * Failed to transform Project Permissions because Error finding the source group with Id <group Id>).
Error finding the wg group with name local\All Users.



  • Content Migration Tool Prerelease build
  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Cloud


Change the language setting of the user account running Content Migration Tool on the source Tableau Server to English.


This behavior is related to a known issue that is currently under investigation by the Tableau development team.
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