Error: “finalizing topology failed” when upgrading or installing Tableau Server

Published: 10 Apr 2019
Last Modified Date: 25 Mar 2020


When upgrading or installing Tableau server, the following error may occur 

finalizing topology failed


  • Tableau Server 
  • TSM Versions 


There are multiple potential causes for this error.  Top level logs (tsm, tabadmincontroller) will not provide enough detail so looking more closely will be necessary. 

Option 1 Version - 2019.1.0 - 2019.1.1 - Failure to bind to IPv6 address when IPv6 is disabled. 
  • Check to confirm if IPv6 is disabled OR find an error message similar to the following message in Elasticserver logs. 
org.elasticsearch.bootstrap.StartupException: BindTransportException[Failed to bind to [8763]]; nested: SocketException[Protocol family unavailable];
Resolution can be found here: Error "Initialization terminated at step 25 of 28: Finalizing the topology failed." During Install or Ask Data Does Not Start

Option 2 Version - 2019.1.1 Linux - Processor hardware incompatibility, only impacting Tableau Server 2019.1.1. Error: Failed to connect to Vizportal Maintenance 
  • Check logs to ensure that AVX is present in CPU flags.
Resolution can be found here: Failed Tableau Server installation 25 of 28 at finalize topology - Hardware Incompatibility

Option 3 Version 2019.1.0 - 2019.1.1 - Forward proxy blocks NLP communication
  • Check for error message: “Finalizing the topology failed.” Also, tsm status -v  returns that Tableau Server Status is DEGRADED and 'Tableau Server Ask Data 0' is in an error state.
Forward proxy exceptions should be implemented if they are not already in place; full resolution can be found here: When installing Tableau Server 2019.1 on a host with forward proxy, finalizing topology fails

Note: On a Linux system, the content of the 20-proxy.conf file's "no_proxy" line should be "no_proxy=localhost,,<domain preceded by dot>,<hostname>". 
Replace the information in brackets with the relevant information from the computer running your Tableau Server. 
No reboot or restart is required for the proxy file to take affect.
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