Error "Field '[Pivot].[Pivot field names]', which is included in a join clause, does not exist" Using Pivot Field to Join Tables

Published: 27 Apr 2016
Last Modified Date: 06 Sep 2016


When opening a workbook where the data source has tables joined using a pivot field, the following error might occur: 

There was a problem connecting to the data source '<data source name>'.
Would you like to edit the connection information ?
Field '[Pivot].[Pivot field names]', which is included in a join clause, does not exist.
Unable to connect to the file "". Check that the file exists and that you have sufficient access privileges for it.


  • Tableau Desktop 9.3.0 - 9.3.2
  • Data joined on String type pivot field 


Option 1: 

Upgrade to Tableau Desktop 9.3.3 or a newer version. For more information, see Upgrading Tableau Desktop.

Option 2:

Click the join symbols in data source tab to redefine the join condition and change the data type of the field from String to Number.

If this is not possible, or no new options exist to redefine the join condition or change the pivot field to a number type, create an extract of the data source.


This behavior is related to a known issue that has been corrected in more recent versions. 
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