Error "Fetch size 2048 exceeds the limit of 1000 for a single node configuration" When Opening Redshift Views

Published: 16 Jun 2017
Last Modified Date: 10 Jan 2020


After upgrading Tableau Sever, when opening published views which use a Redshift data source, the following error occurs: 

ERROR: Fetch size <value> exceeds the limit of 1000 for a single node configuration. Reduce the client fetch/cache size or upgrade to a multi node installation.;
Error while executing the query



  • Tableau Server
  • Amazon Redshift


Install the most recent version of the Amazon Redshift driver on the computer running Tableau Server. See Driver Download; for more information. 

Additional Information

The odbc configuration file located at /etc/odbcinst.ini must include the information provided on our driver downloads page:
[Amazon Redshift (x64)]
Description=Amazon Redshift ODBC Driver(64-bit)

Logs may indicate that Tableau Server attempts to use a PostgreSQL driver to connect to Redshift. If this is the case, request to see the file to confirm that the Redshift driver is listed in the odbcinst.ini file; otherwise Tableau Server will revert to the most relevant ODBC driver it has available in that file.

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