Error "Failed to start the Tableau Bridge service. Please check your installation." When Tableau Bridge Quits Unexpectedly or Fails to Start When Switching to Service

Published: 05 Jun 2018
Last Modified Date: 25 Sep 2019


When changing Tableau Bridge from Application to Service, the program may quit unexpectedly or the following error may occur:

Failed to start the Tableau Bridge service. Please check your installation.


  • Tableau Online
  • Tableau Bridge


  1. Exit Tableau Bridge:
    1. If you're running the client in Service mode, in the lower-left corner of the client, next to Mode, select Application. Changing to Application mode ensures that the Tableau Bridge service stops completely.
    2. Select Settings > Exit.
  2. Open Windows Task Manager. Locate any Tableau Bridge processes and manually end them.
  3. Delete connected clients:
    1. In a web browser, log into Tableau Online using the account used to schedule refreshes in Tableau Bridge.
    2. Click the initials icon in the upper-right portion of the menu and choose My Account Settings.
    3. Scroll to the Connected Clients portion and delete all connected clients listed under the computer name where Bridge is running.
  4. Open Services in Windows and locate the service(s) named "Tableau Bridge worker(<user>@<domain>)". Take note of the user and domain names.
  5. Open Command Prompt as administrator and enter the following commands (in order and with the user and domain names noted down in Step 4):
    sc stop "Tableau Bridge worker(<user>@<domain>)"
    sc delete "Tableau Bridge worker(<user>@<domain>)"
  6. Log on to the computer under the Windows account that you would like to use to run Tableau Bridge (if different than the account currently logged in).
  7. Launch Bridge and sign in to Tableau Online.


Tableau Bridge was previously running in Service mode, and the user account was manually changed in the "Log On" tab of the service properties in Windows Services. Manually changing the domain or username in this location can result in failure to start the service or instability when running the service.
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