"Error: Failed to remove service data" Restore Error

Published: 07 Jun 2013
Last Modified Date: 02 Mar 2018


When you try to restore a Tableau Server backup, the following error might occur: 

*** Error: Failed to remove service data; is the service still running? If the service is not running but something is hanging on to Tableau files, please reboot the machine.


Tableau Server 


Option 1

Work with your IT team to check for and deactivate any anti-virus or logging software that may be holding onto files in the Tableau Software directories.

Option 2

Unset the Read-only attributes for Tableau Folders to give files write protection. 

ReadOnly Attributes

Option 3 
  1. Stop Tableau Server. For more information, see tabadmin stop in Tableau Help. 
  2. Restart the computer running Tableau Server.
  3. On the computer running Tableau Server, open the Command Prompt window as an administrator and navigate to the Tableau Sever bin folder, located by default at C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\[version]\bin
  4. At the command prompt, run the following commands in order:
    • tabadmin stop 
    • tabadmin restore
    • tabadmin start



This issue can happen when a backup restore is performed while Tableau Server is still running, or the operating system or another program on the computer prevented one of the Tableau Server processes to stop completely.
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