Error: "Failed to load configuration from... connections.yml" When Configuring Tableau Server for R Connection

Published: 29 Nov 2016
Last Modified Date: 07 Dec 2016


After running tabadmin set vizqlserver.extsvc.port, tabadmin config fails and the following error occurs:
"Failed to load configuration from <serverfilepath>/tabsvc/config/connections.yml".

Additionally information regarding this issue:
  • Tabadmin logs indicate "ArgumentError: subkey apikey applied to non-HierStruct".
  • After tabadmin config fails, other tabadmin commands (such as start, stop, backup, ziplogs) fail with various errors including "The tabsvc deployment does not exist. Is the service initialized?"


  • Tableau Server from version 10.0.0 to 10.0.3
  • Rserve


Contact Tableau Technical Support for assistance regarding this issue.
  • Do not attempt to upgrade Tableau Server until after you have received assistance from Technical Support.
  • When contacting Technical Support, reference issue ID 590934.


This behavior is related to known issue ID 590934.

Additional Information

The tabadmin set options for vizqlserver.extsvc.<setting> should only be used in Tableau Server 10.1.
In Tableau Server 10.0, R Connections should be configured using vizqlserver.rserve.<setting>.

For more information about R and tabadmin, see the following documentation. 
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