Error "Failed to install service nrs_0.20233.23.1227.1336" When Attempting to Upgrade to Tableau Server 2023.3

Published: 25 Jan 2024
Last Modified Date: 30 Jan 2024


When attempting to upgrade to Tableau Server 2023.3, unexpected "Failed to install service nrs_0.20233.23.1227.1336" error occurs and upgrade is unsuccessful.
This job failed due to unexpected error: 'ServiceOperationTimeoutException'
One or more services failed to reach their expected state.

nrs_0.20233.23.1227.1336: Failed to reach requested state. Current state: INSTALL_FAILED

Error Message: Failed to install service nrs_0.20233.23.1227.1336, result code -1073741511. For more details, see the control log in C:\ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server\data\tabsvc\logs\nrs


  • Tableau Server versions
    • 2023.3.0-2023.3.1


Option 1: Upgrade to Tableau Server 2023.3.2

  • Tableau Server 2023.3.2 contains the fix for this known issue

If upgrading to Tableau Server 2023.3.2 is not an option, try one of the following potential workarounds:

Option 2: (During upgrade) Modify servicestate.json to disable NRS service

  • During the upgrade process, modify the servicestate.json file following steps below:
1. Stop admin services
Linux: sudo /opt/tableau/tableau_server/packages/scripts.<Build number>/stop-administrative-services

Windows: C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\packages\scripts.<Build number>\stop-administrative-services.cmd
2. Navigate to the following filepath: data/tabsvc/tabadmincontroller/0/
3. Edit the servicestate.json file (you will see the folllowing):
"currentState" : "UNINSTALL_FAILED",
"requestedState" : "NONE"
4. Modify the above settings to:
"currentState" : "NONE",
"requestedState" : "NONE"
5. Start admin services and proceed with the upgrade
Linux: sudo /opt/tableau/tableau_server/packages/scripts.<Build number>/start-administrative-services

Windows: C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\packages\scripts.<Build number>\start-administrative-services.cmd

Option 3: (Prior to upgrade) Disable the NRS process

  • Enter the following commands in the TSM Command Line Interface (CLI):

1. Run the command:

tsm topology set-process -pr nrs -n node1 -c 0 

2. Run the command:

tsm pending-changes apply 

NOTE: Tableau Server may prompt for a restart.

3. Check to see Tableau Server has returned to a running status after restarting by running the command:

tsm status -v 


This issue is related to an existing known issue that has been fixed by the Tableau Development Team under ID W-14561356.

Per Tableau Product Help, the NonRelational Storage (NRS) service is a microservice managed and used internally by other Tableau services.

NOTE: The service appears in the CLI but is deprecated. It will be retired (entirely removed) in a future release.
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