Error "Failed to enable authentication privilege" When Connecting to MSSQL or MSAS with Kerberos Authentication

Published: 21 Jan 2015
Last Modified Date: 09 Jan 2020


When attempting to connect to a published MSSQL or MSAS data source configured for Kerberos authentication, the following error might occur:
Failed to enable authentication privilege


  • Tableau Server
  • MS SQL Server
  • MSAS


On the machine, or machines, hosting Tableau Server, enable the Run As User account to act as part of the operating system. For more information, see Enable Run As User to Act as the Operating System.

Note: If the error is still occurring, it may be necessary to reboot the Tableau Server in order for the updated Local Security Policy setting to take effect.


The Run As User account must be allowed to act as part of the operating system in order to delegate access to MS SQL Server and MSAS data sources.
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