Error "Failed To Connect To The Local Message Queue" After Pressing "Save And Restart Server" Button At The Configuration Step Of RMT Master Installation

Published: 13 Apr 2023
Last Modified Date: 14 Apr 2023


After pressing the "Save And Restart Server" button at the configuration step of the Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool Master, the following error occurs:

Failed to connect to the local message queue.



  • Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool Master 2023.1


Use one of the following options. 

Option 1

Unblock or allow "" and "" (or other issuer-based CRL endpoints) in your security software so that Certificate Revocation List checks can proceed normally.

Option 2

Disable the network retrieval of the trusted and untrusted CTLs according to this article from Microsoft to disable the CRL check if you are using a "no internet access" environment.

Option 3

Use this alternative technique, also published by Microsoft, to set the timeout for the CRL check to a much lower number (they suggest 1 second) instead of the default 15~20 seconds.  In some cases, you may still need to unblock the issuer-based CRL endpoint.

If there is nothing blocking internet traffic in your environment, you may need to configure the operating system to trust the SSL certificate used by the RMT Master.


Verifying the authenticity of SSL certificates on Windows is prevented.
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