Error FAB9A2C5 Connecting to Snowflake via ODBC on MacOS

Published: 11 May 2022
Last Modified Date: 16 May 2022


The error message below may be encountered when connecting to Snowflake from Tableau Desktop:

An error occurred while communicating with Snowflake
Unable to connect to the server. Check that the server is running and that you have access privileges to the requested database.
Error Code: FAB9A2C5
There was an unknown connection error to the database. The error message below has additional information, but you might need to ask the database administrator to review the database logs.




  • Tableau Desktop
  • MacOS 
  • Snowflake
  • Snowflake ODBC driver
  • iODBC


From Terminal app, open the Snowflake configuration file simba.snowflake.ini and modify the encoding by setting DriverManagerEncoding=UTF-32. The file is usually located in the lib subfolder of the connector installation directory.


DriverManagerEncoding is set to UTF_16 or UTF_16LE.

Additional Information

As per Snowflake documentation, the Snowflake ODBC driver for Mac requires iODBC. The default DriverManagerEncoding for iODBC is UTF-32.

Other symptom of this issue: if Snowflake ODBC logs are generated while reproducing the issue in Tableau, the following entry can be found in the file 'Snowflake_odbc_connection.log': ERROR 7652 Simba::ODBC::Connection::SQLDriverConnectW: [Snowflake][Support] (50404) Invalid connection string.
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