No Refresh Error Displays but Data Intermittently Does Not Update When Refreshing Extracts Using Tableau Bridge

Published: 31 Jan 2022
Last Modified Date: 12 Apr 2022


When refreshing Tableau Bridge data sources, the data does not update intermittently in Tableau Online. No error is shown in Tableau Online, but the refresh time for the data source does not update.

In the Tableau Bridge logs, the refresh fails with the following errors:

HTTPRequestor::DoWork::HTTPException 401 {\n\"error\": \"invalid_refresh_token\"

{"excp-error-code":"0xDE1E797E","excp-source":"Client","excp-status-code":"UNKNOWN"},"v":{"excp-msg":"Username or password incorrect.\n","excp-type":"AuthenticationException","msg":"HTTPRequestor: rethrow exception"}}


  • Tableau Bridge
  • Tableau Online


Use one of the below options to resolve the issue: 

Option 1 Upgrade Tableau Bridge to 20214.22.0213.1102 or later, and unlink the Bridge client. See 
  1. After upgrading Tableau Bridge, open the Windows system tray and click the Bridge icon to open the client.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select Unlink.

    Unlink to remove all data information and stop sending refreshes to Tableau Online

    Note: Unlink removes the list of data sources that use Bridge (legacy) schedules, schedules, and connection information from the client.

  3. Open the Windows system tray and click the Bridge icon to open the client.

  4. When prompted, sign in to the new site with your site admin credentials.

Option 2 In the Bridge configuration file, set the ConnectionPool value to 10 or around the amount of concurrent refreshes you have running at the same time (at maximum) on Tableau Bridge.


This is caused by unused tokens from an increased ConnectionPool amount in the Bridge configuration file. These are expiring causing the error, when they should not be expiring if they are not used.
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