Error "exceeded the maximum size allowed" Creating Redshift Extract

Published: 09 Apr 2014
Last Modified Date: 23 Mar 2018


When you try to create an extract from a Redshift data source, the following error might occur:
Error occurred while trying to execute a query: ERROR: exceeded the maximum size allowed for the total set of cursor data: <size>
Unable to create extract


  • Tableau Desktop 8.1 and later versions
  • Amazon Redshift


Use one of the following workarounds.

Option 1

Use a live connection instead of creating an extract.

Option 2

Connect to a smaller table.

Option 3

Increase the number of nodes for your Amazon Redshift installation.


The extract is too large and is reaching an Amazon Redshift size limitation. For more information about the Amazon Redshift Cursor Constraints, see this AWS Documentation article. 
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