Error "Error Running Tableau Prep Builder" Appears When Starting Prep

Published: 10 Jul 2019
Last Modified Date: 06 Dec 2019


When starting Tableau Prep Builder, the error
"Error Running Tableau Prep Builder" appears.


  • Tableau Prep 
  • Windows


Make sure that the network settings use an automatic configuration script. Follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to [Control Panel] > [Internet Options] > [Connections] tab > [LAN settings]
  2. Check if [Use automatic configuration script] is enabled.
If enabled, ask your IT admin to modify the automatic configuration script to bypass "" and "localhost".
Check if Tableau Prep Builder can start by temporarily disabling [Use automatic configuration script].


Under the network environment that uses the automatic configuration script, the client computer where Tableau Prep Builder is installed always looks for the correct path to access the URL, even though it is localhost ( Therefore, Tableau Prep Builder fails to start when the automatic configuration script has not been configured.
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